Time Travel Romance Novels for While Traveling

The last twelve months have given us a lot to think about when it comes to travel and made us miss our toes in the sand, exotic places, and breathtaking landscapes while we have been forced to do a little more staying and a lot less going. Fortunately, things are slowly shifting, and we are starting to be able to feel that anticipation build as we pack our suitcase with more shirts than we will need and prepare our minds for all the new wonders we are about to experience. 

One of the most exciting things about traveling is getting to see and experience new things, but like everything else, there is a flipside that is usually met with a lot of sitting, waiting, and what some might think of as wasted time. Here is the thing, it is not wasted time at all! It is in these quiet, still moments where we can continue our adventures by diving into a new book that turns a mundane wait into favorited time that you wished you had more of when the ebb and flow picks back up and you have to put your book down.

Witch’s Wound is easily one of those books that will draw you in and make you wish you could read faster, and that time would cease to exist. Readers rave about how connected they feel to the characters and how there is such a depth of emotion and mystery that helps readers stay hooked and longing for more. This book blends together love, mystery, and romance; and even takes you back in time to old Scotland. 

Follow the main character as she struggles to make sense of the mysterious man she only has known from her memories, though has never met. Annalyse Brighton had spent her whole life feeling a haunting loss for a man that she knew she had never met, though he and the memories of him were so real to her. Not until Annalyse suffered a tragic accident – one that flipped her whole world upside – did she meet a man who, though a stranger to her, may hold the key to the mysterious love she has been haunted by her entire life.

How could Annalyse be in love with a man she doesn’t even know exists outside of her memories? Learn how the main character unfolds a truth that will forever change her life and the way she sees not only the world, but the whole universe and her existence in it. Allow this story to take you on a deep spiritual revelation, with some romance, intrigue, and memories from long ago thrown into the mix, while you check off another bucket list destination. Who knows where this story will lead you both next?

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